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News - Summer 2019

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The smell of Barbecue and sunscreen on the air, the best Wimbledon final ever and England winning the World Cup, what a summer it's been and it's not over yet!

We have been busy giving our branches a bit of a makeover so if you've not been in recently pop in and let us know what you think. You'll be impressed by our new range of French wines from Boutique winemakers. The La Baume Viognier is already a cult favourite, many of these wines are rarely seen in the UK and over deliver on price.

So if you fancy a change from Argentinian Malbec or New Zealand Sauvignon we've got plenty for you to discover.

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It's only Natural

In this heat we are finding our tastes moving toward fresher and more vibrant zesty whites and light fruity reds. Organic and even Natural wines have been in the headlines for a while and while we can't pretend to be the most cutting edge of retailers even we have found more and more of these wines recently that deliver something a bit different and exciting at appealing prices. 

Take the wines of Fabrizzio Vella for example the labels rustic and unfussy reflect the minimal approach to winemaking the wines are unfined, unfiltered and as a result packed with tropical fruit and refreshing citrus. Catarratto is not the most well-known of grapes but it is celebrated here in a fresh and zesty organic white and in a richly complex Orange wine. 


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Not strictly natural the Circumstance Chenin is an example of how the influence of this more holistic approach to winemaking can be incorporated into more mainstream wines. Wild Yeast, No battonage, No acids, No enzymes, Minimal Sulphur and Filtration to prevent spoiling all lead to a Chenin Blanc that is as much a product of its terroir as anything Vouvray can muster. Staying in South Africa the Natte Valley Cinsault gives a brilliant cranberry scented wine that you can pop in the fridge, think Fleurie on Safari.

We had so much fun at our Spring Wine Fair that we have introduced a mini wine fair every month in our Collingham Branch. We have a minimum of six wines on tasting free of charge on the last weekend of every month. We will be featuring a selection of our newest wines to give you a chance to try before you buy and to hopefully help you find more of what you really like.

We are also offering an incredible extra special tasting day discount of 20% off six bottles, if you find something you really like. It's only available on the day and only on the wines we are offering to taste.


We will be providing wine for an event at St Peter's Church in Harrogate which sounds like it should be a splendid evening. If you are fortunate enough to attend the event we hope the wine fits the bill. The Bath Abbey Diptychs created by Sue Symons at the start of this Century are well worth a visit. This is a rare chance to see 12 of the 35 panels on display this September. 

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We are always happy to discuss how we can support you to host an event or Corporate tasting. So if you think we can help your event hit the right note drop us a line.

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