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Keep your (red wine) Cool!

26 Jul 2022 by Phil Probert

You will, no doubt, have heard before how we are all drinking wine wrong. Our whites too cold and our reds too warm.

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Chilled out Reds

Normally we aren’t keen on telling customers how and what you should do with wine. Don’t worry we’re not about to suggest sticking that big Argentinian Malbec in the freezer. There are some red wines that as they warm up loose some of the freshness that makes them enjoyable to begin with.

We find a lightly chilled red (not straight out of the fridge) can be a delight on a warm day. Our favourites to serve cool are light reds where the mouth-watering juiciness and natural acidity is lost as the wine warms up. Ideally these should be around 15 degrees centigrade and benefit from about 15-20 minutes in the fridge so that a slight bead of condensation will form as it sits in the sunshine.

Our highly quaffable new Cinsault is one of our favourite summer sippers described as Croquant this has a natural acidity and easy drinking 11.5 ABV which lends itself to lunchtimes. This is perfect with a sharing plate of antipasti and green salad where the cool freshness and vivacity of this wine will be a revelation. Similarly, our new Gamay Uva Non Grata with its modern packaging will look tres chic next to a salad niçoise.

 The classic wines to benefit from a spell in the fridge are light bodied pale wines that seem almost like a dark rose in the glass. Pinot Noir is the obvious choice here and both the Chilean Infiernillo, which we are happy to say is back in stock, and the Aka Rua Pinot Noir from Central Otago have enough Raspberry tang to come to life after a spell in the fridge.

Our newest sparkling red is a high-quality Lambrusco from Cantina Soliera. Hailing from just south of Modena and made using the Gasparossa grape which gives the finest Lambrusco this semi sweet wine has lovely plum and black cherry fruit and a fresh touch of palate cleansing acidity. Great for picnics or spicy Asian pork dishes.

You might also find that these chilled reds have a naturally affinity with more summery food sticky ribs or poached salmon, even falafels and other vegetarian dishes will be boosted by a lighter red. So next time the mercury heads north and salad is on the menu you don’t need to reach for the Sauvignon Blanc why not give a cool glass of something crisp, juicy and red a go!!

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Pinot Noir for a Chilled Summer