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Latest News - July 2017

In Summer 2016 Ake & Humphris achieved the accolade of becoming WINNER OF THE 31 DAYS OF GERMAN RIESLING 2016 – RETAILER AWARDS, beating off fierce competition from over 225 wine shops and merchants (including national retailers and big, upmarket London merchants such as Lea & Sanderman with a string of shops).  In July 2017 we aim to defend our title with a full calendar of events celebrating the diversity of the Riesling grape. 

July is Riesling Month

For those who remember our antics last July - you'll be anticipating 31 Days of Riesling...  Martin and Des (our Riesling experts) have just returned from a full week in Germany with their arms stuffed full of exceptionally hard to find mature wines that you will not see anywhere else. Alongside our usual carefully curated range of German Riesling we think you will not find a better range without visiting the Rhine.

Oz Clarke did a great job of kicking things off with "Drink to Music" on the 1st July and our wine guru Paul has been sharing perfect food and Riesling pairings with Stray FM all month.


The last weekend in July will see us go all guns blazing, with in-store tastings seating inside and out under our enormous umberella. We'll have a flight of three superb German Rieslings available for a mere five pounds. First up Louis Guntrum's Oppenheim Sacktrager 2014 is from one of our favourite winemakers hugely improved estate who's wines are superb value. Next up Leitz Dragonstone Riesling from the Rheingau is a modern marvel, forget your blue nun this is lime sherbet and peach sorbet all rolled into one, our most popular wine last year. Last but by no means least a fully mature 2002 Spatlese from Pfalz aromas of golden syrup and almond are replaced on the palate by abundant nougat and lime marmalade.

On Sunday 30th July our series of exploratory tastings ends with Des leading you through some less famed regions of Germany. Furst from Franken is a mineral driven wine of real class, Gunderloch from Rheinhessen is a master of traditional style Riesling and Donhoff from the Nahe gives wines of purity and brilliance.


Follow us on twitter and Instagram to keep updated with what's going on, as well as fun facts and a run down of our top Rieslings throughout the month.

World GIN Day

For all those in the know about the infamous World GIN Day we have something new to celebrate. We've managed to get our hands on 35 of the best gins to add to our burgeoning portfolio. The latest offerings come from the guys at Bootstrap liquor company in Scotland. 


Indian Summer, a warming, moreish gin, infused with saffron for a sense of luxury, it's the flavourful Summer gin we've been waiting for. We just need the weather now! 


For something completely different, GILT is a single malt gin, combining Scotland's classic whisky heritage with our contemporary love for gin - a new flavour we never realized we wanted.  With numerous gin producers offering successful Rum-aged and Cask-aged gin, GILT takes this to the next level with an unlikely marriage of barley and botanicals.  This unorthodox pairing creates a smokey, malty undertone, reminiscent of whisky - bringing Scotland's history bang up to date with a punch of juniper!


Great new gins - whatever the weather.


Want to know more, catch Nichola in store - she's our resident expert!

Oz Clarke and Armonico's "Drink to Music"

Utterly unable to resist the opportunity to support Oz Clarke on his impending arrival in Harrogate, arranged by the fabulous team at Harrogate International Festivals. Expect some great wines at the "Oz Clarke & Armonico: Drink To Music!" event on Saturday 1st July at St Wilfrid's Church.

Not just a standard music concert, this imaginative event has a tantalising twist - a relaxed evening with Oz Clarke and the internationally renowned Armonico Consort ... tasting A&H wines from across the world, expertly guided by the UK's best-loved wine critic whilst being entertained with live music on this wine-fuelled trip through the generations... what could be better? 

TICKETS are £35 - including a selection of wines by the glass, available from the shop - so make a note of your favourites at the event and pop by later for a bottle or a case!


Oz & Armonico: Drink To Music!
BOX OFFICE: 01423 562303

Hope you enjoy!

Beer, Barbecues and Ice-cream

Along with the triumphant return of Roots, Rock Reggae and High Tea from Roosters, we've been having a great time increasing our beer range.  As with many in the hospitality trade the team at A&H have a keen interest in trying the latest "hopped up" IPA's or twisted concoction from craft brewers, whether local or further afield.  With fortnightly deliveries in store of new and interesting beers, we thought it was only fair to shine a light on some of our favourite tipples...


The real standout this month was the Beetroot Gose from Sheffield's LostIndustry, "Beet Gose On", and it's not just here for the puntastic name!  Light and refreshing, with enough earthy sweetness to balance the sourness of the gose, this beer is your burger to hand barbecue beer.


Next up, a collab of epic proportions between Odyssey and Left-Handed Giant, their "Left-Handed Zombie".  Odyssey has been bubbling under the surface of the craft beer world for a little while now, only really seen by people in the know, but demonstrating incredible craftsmanship.  With a little push from American Veterans, Left-Handed Giant, this dank, malty red IPA might be just the beer to grab peoples attention - with tropical hops, piney finish and a warming malt undertone, it's well worth seeing what all the fuss is about!


Finally, another epic summer collaboration, between two of our favourite brewers, Omnipollo and Buxton - An Ice Cream Pale.  Following on with their experiments with dessert-themed beers, this unusual summer tipple is a seasonal success.  Made with 1000 fresh vanilla beans, the beer has a moreish creaminess with an almost minty edge - perfect for an icecream/beer float.


Honourable mention goes to Cloudwater's Centennial IPA.  Whilst this, arguably, should be in the top 3, it's fair to say most people have come to know how exceptional Cloudwater is, and this is certainly one of their best yet.  We thought it was about time to give someone else a mention.

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